Elvis Presley - Elvis' NBC TV Special - Covert Vinyl

Elvis Presley - Elvis' NBC TV Special

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Limited 180gm colored vinyl LP pressing.

In the 1950's, Elvis Presley led the rock 'n' roll revolution in music and pop culture. In the 1960's he concentrated mainly on his successful movie career. By 1968, it had been more than seven years since he had appeared on stage in front of a live audience. In his first television special in June of that year, clad in his now-iconic black leather suit, Elvis performed classic hits both on stage alone and, in sequences generally regarded as the forerunner of today's popular "unplugged" jam sessions, with friends and original bandmates. Referred to as the '68 Comeback Special, Elvis accomplished two things with the performance; He saved his career and made the best music of his life. It stands as one of the great moments in rock music history and as a stunningly brilliant milestone in The King's career. After this triumph Elvis poured renewed creative vigor into his recording work, wrapped up his movie contract obligations and returned full-time to the concert stage, beginning a new and exciting era of the Elvis phenomenon.