Bruce Marshall & Bill Thomas - The Bruce Marshall /  Bill Thomas

Bruce Marshall & Bill Thomas - The Bruce Marshall / Bill Thomas

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Pre-order - Release Date 1/4/2019

Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing. Get ready for psych funk and a cover from far leftfield. This EP has all the makings of an instant classic. Enter the dark opium den - a release reminiscent of those pioneers of funk, early Parliament and Funkadelic. These found tracks by Bruce Marshall and Bill Thomas were likely recorded around the time of Osmium and Maggot Brain - in fact, the artists featured here may have been directly influenced by the movement as it was happening, making these discoveries remarkable entries into the history of psych funk. Funk is alive and well on this release - adding a new dimension to the amazing body of psych funk that's already out there. Who knows what could have happened had these cuts reached ears during the '70s - but the time for the Marshall-Thomas ship to land is now. Put this on to get your next party going, and it'll do most of the work for you.