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Beach Boys, The - Surf's Up

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Remastered 2009 remastered reissue LP on 180-gram vinyl. The wave of popularity that The Beach Boys had ridden in the '60s had long passed by the 1971 release of "Surf's Up," but the creativity and talent that drove them to #1 hadn't left them. "Surf's Up" really let The Beach Boys break from their tight image to explore their individual interests. From blue-eyed soul to environmentalism, this album is remarkably prescient with the cutting-edge of music and politics in 1971... and in many ways it remains so today. Although it lacks the snap, crackle and pop of their teenage success, "Surf's Up" has only grown in popular appeal with songs such as the title track, "Don't Go Near the Water" and "A Day in the Life of a Tree." This remastered reissue came out on 180-gram vinyl in 2009.