John Byrne Band, The - A Shiver In The Sky

John Byrne Band, The - A Shiver In The Sky

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Vinyl LP

2019 Release

The John Byrne Band presents A Shiver in the Sky recorded and produced by Andy Keenan at Spice House Sound in Philadelphia. Upon the first notes Byrne’s Dublin roots are evident – not confining, but providing a solid foundation for the songs that follow. Byrne treads traditional trials and tribulations of the human experience: relationships, addiction, prejudice, leaving the past behind. “Things will happen to you, and they can be immensely painful, but they will pass. And if you don’t let them break you there will be a new version of yourself that emerges and has learned the skills to live with this pain,” he notes in regards to this collection of songs.


Track Listing:

1. Special Place In Hell
2. All In All
3. Hard Living Lovers
4. Just Like You
5. Time Ain't Changed A Thing In This Town
6. Ghost Of A Chance
7. Hold That Against Me
8. Your Love Is All There Is
9. Easy To Get Stuck Here10. As The Crow Flies